Landing Page Best Pactices

This is a summary from several posts on landing page best practices:

Ad copy must be connected to Headline of landing page




Content Structure 123

Motivation (e.g. Benefits), Ability (e.g. minimal distracting elements) and Trigger (e.g. Instant Download)


Incentivize First Time Visitors

- 70%-80% are First Time Visitors

- offer a reason to talk to you

social incentive

Test, Test and Test


Optimize the Thank You and/or Confirmation page

- move secondary CTAs such as social share to Thank You/Confirmation pages to reduce clutter and distractions on the squeeze/sales page



Have a SHARP Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

- Aligned to the sales copy of upstream ad (e.g. Google Adwords) and/or Call to Action (CTA)

- Consider breaking long headline with a smaller sub-headline

long headlines


Use Hero Shot or Video

- create original photo or video demo

- show it being used or context of use

- avoid cheesy stock photos as they tend to diminish trust

optimizepress 2 landing page


Highlight Benefits

- Highlight 3 to 7 benefits

- Use benefit based titles to resonate with target visitors needs or pain points

benefits based


Show Context of Use


Add Trust Elements

- Add social proofs such as testimonials from customers with customer photos

- Add logos of reputable companies or individuals using your product

trust elements


Use One, and only one Call To Action

Multiple CTAs will distract visitors



Use Exit Popup

- 70%-96% of the visitors abandoning your site will NEVER RETURN
- Email is a phenomenal profit driver, however most websites capture less than 1 in 400 emails from visitors (who have not purchased)

- Remember to use cookie to reduce the annoyance factor

Exit Pop





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